There was an historic event that occurred yesterday, the day the Catholic Church commemorates the Feast of Our Mother of Sorrows, the Queen of Peace, that impacted every nation on earth, shaking hell to its very core, and causing a panicked Satan to disperse his minions throughout the whole world to block, or at the very least, minimize its effects.

In normal times the Pope would have been involved, offering prayers ahead of any peace agreement signing, brokered by an American president, especially one between Israel and other Middle East countries.

But these are not normal times and Donald Trump is the American president that brokered the peace agreement. So even a day after the great event there has not been one word from the Vatican on the major peace agreement signing that took place on Sept. 15, 2020 with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

With the world being ravaged by a pandemic; and Antifa waging universal war on civilized peoples; with floods and hurricanes; with fires raging out of control on the west coast of the United States; and – earthquakes in places -, the signing of a major peace agreement would, one would think, warrant a word or two from the religious leader of one of the three major religions in the world. Prayers for peace were offered by both the Jewish and Muslim communities, why none from the Catholic Church?

Pope Francis did release today, Sept. 16, the preface he wrote for a major book by the Vatican on the subject of peace, Per un sapere della pace (For Knowledge of Peace), but there has not been even so much as an honorable mention of the unprecedented and historic peace agreement signing that took place at the White House the day before.

It makes one wonder if Pope Francis was even aware of the monumental event. Many people in the United States were not aware it was taking place because the media has become so entrenched in the anti-Trump polemic they intentionally ignored it. Sadly, even the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, who surely knew about the peace agreement signing, chose to remain silent.

Even if the peace signing agreement had somehow escaped the attention of the Vatican it would seem as much unbelievable that the three nominations for President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize could not have. Was information extended to Pope Francis or conceled from him? Do the U.S, Bishops have such power that they control what information reaches the Pope and what does not? And even more importantly, how is that information translated to the Pope?

How many political battles take place behind the closed doors of the USCCB, an entity that warns U.S. Catholic clergy and employees to be non-partisan? Pope Francis had clearly affirmed that “abortion is the pre-eminent social justice issue of our time” to our Bishops during their most recent ad limina visit yet the argument by radical left wing Catholics, Bishops and Priests included, as ridiculous as it sounds, is that Pope Francis “only ‘agreed’ to the ‘preeminent’ statement made to him by the Bishops ‘ProLife members’ but that he doesn’t necessarily subscribe to it”.

Meanwhile, prayers of the other two major world religions, Judaism and Islam, were offered to the one God who created us all, a reality Pope Francis consistently preaches, for success of the peace agreement, with President Trump being the only representative of the third, Christianity.

It matters not a whit that anti-Trumpers choose to ignore this prodigious event, President Trump’s words have already been chiseled into the annals of history:

“On my first foreign trip as President, I had the honor of addressing the leaders of more than 54 Arab and Muslim nations in Saudi Arabia.

My message that day was very simple: I urged the nations of the Middle East to set aside their differences, unite against the common enemy of civilization, and work together toward the noble aims of security and prosperity. I offered America’s friendship, I offered America’s help, but I said clearly that the nations of the regions had to decide what kind of a future they wanted for their children, and for their families, and for their nation itself. No one could make that choice for them; they had to do that themselves.”

I’m thinking Pope Francis will be a bit upset, and rightfully so, when he discovers the truth if the information of this phenomenal event had been withheld from him, or if given him, that the facts of the event had been altered. Especially when other Middle East countries begin adding their nations to the peace agreement.

But the really big, important news of the day that did make the news: the Big Ten will play college football this fall after all.

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