Epiphany: Encountering a Toddler King

The paintings of the Epiphany are beautiful and awe-inspiring. Most all show the three kings adoring the newborn infant Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. But the Scriptures tell us the shepherds who were told they would “find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger” (Luke 2:12). It was the Magi,Continue reading “Epiphany: Encountering a Toddler King”

When England Returns to Walsingham

Never before had a statue of Our Lady been on the altar during Mass. But in 1982, during his historic pastoral visit to the UK, Pope John Paul II placed the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham on the altar in Wembley after joining the procession when she was brought into the stadium. During hisContinue reading “When England Returns to Walsingham”


There was an historic event that occurred yesterday, the day the Catholic Church commemorates the Feast of Our Mother of Sorrows, the Queen of Peace, that impacted every nation on earth, shaking hell to its very core, and causing a panicked Satan to disperse his minions throughout the whole world to block, or at theContinue reading “WHERE WAS POPE FRANCIS?”

Mary Magdalene: A Heart Filled with Holy Amazement Before The Lord

The dispositions of adoration, thanksgiving, reparation and intercession are the four pillars of Eucharistic prayer that Saint Peter-Julian Eymard deemed necessary for one who wishes to adore and serve the Lord perfectly. Saint Mary Magdalene, whose July 22 liturgical Memorial was elevated to a Feast by Pope Francis in 2016, is celebrated as a ‘trueContinue reading “Mary Magdalene: A Heart Filled with Holy Amazement Before The Lord”

Don’t Be A Weed

Pope Francis on July 19, 2020, reflected on the day’s Gospel from the 13th chapter of Matthew, in particular on the parable of the farmer who sows good seeds in his field — and the enemy who sows weeds. Dear Brothers and Sisters, good day! In today’s Gospel (cf Mt 13:24-43) we once again encounter Jesus whoContinue reading “Don’t Be A Weed”

The Scapular: “To be clothed in Jesus Christ.”

The profound devotion Pope John Paul II had for the Mother of God was certainly no secret as he bore witness to it daily throughout his entire life. What may not be as well known is his lifelong fidelity to wearing the scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel even though are many photos testifyingContinue reading “The Scapular: “To be clothed in Jesus Christ.””

The Mother of All Parables: Matt 13:1-23

In his Angelus Address for July 12, 2020, Pope Francis related the different ways in which people hear the Word of God (the seeds) and the type of soil that it falls upon (mens hearts) to receive it. The Holy Father’s address: Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! There are many ways to receive theContinue reading “The Mother of All Parables: Matt 13:1-23”

A New Heavenly Advocate Young People

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican announced Saturday that Pope Francis has recognized the heroic virtues of a 14-year-old Italian boy who died in 1963. The pope advanced the cause of Angiolino Bonetta, along with four others, following a July 10 meeting with Cardinal Angelo Becciu, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.  BonettaContinue reading “A New Heavenly Advocate Young People”

Jesus Offers Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

Pope’s Angelus Address, Sunday July 5, 2020 Dear brothers and sisters, good day! This Sunday’s Gospel reading (see Mt 11:25-30) is divided into three parts: first of all, Jesus raises a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving to the Father, because He revealed to the poor and to the simple the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven; thenContinue reading “Jesus Offers Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving”

Pietro Annigoni’s Immaculate Heart of Mary

Painted in 1961 for the Church of the same name (Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Hayes, Middlesex), Mary is depicted as the strong Mother of Mankind. The child, sleeping peacefully on her arm, represents humanity undisturbed by the chaos of the world, shown in the blazing explosion of the background. Mary’s foot crushesContinue reading “Pietro Annigoni’s Immaculate Heart of Mary”