The Mother of All Parables: Matt 13:1-23

In his Angelus Address for July 12, 2020, Pope Francis related the different ways in which people hear the Word of God (the seeds) and the type of soil that it falls upon (mens hearts) to receive it. The Holy Father’s address: Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! There are many ways to receive theContinue reading “The Mother of All Parables: Matt 13:1-23”

Jesus Offers Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

Pope’s Angelus Address, Sunday July 5, 2020 Dear brothers and sisters, good day! This Sunday’s Gospel reading (see Mt 11:25-30) is divided into three parts: first of all, Jesus raises a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving to the Father, because He revealed to the poor and to the simple the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven; thenContinue reading “Jesus Offers Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving”