The Scapular: “To be clothed in Jesus Christ.”

The profound devotion Pope John Paul II had for the Mother of God was certainly no secret as he bore witness to it daily throughout his entire life. What may not be as well known is his lifelong fidelity to wearing the scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel even though are many photos testifyingContinue reading “The Scapular: “To be clothed in Jesus Christ.””

‘Saint’ John Paul I?: More to the Man Than The Manner of Death

It is worth noting that the second in command, who will act as Vice President of the new foundation, Dr. Stefania Falasca, wrote a book, Papa Luciani: Cronaca di una morte (Pope Luciani: Chronicle of a Death), published in 2017, that dismisses the conspiracy theories that surrounded the death of the 263rd successor to Saint Peter, providing evidence that he died of a heart attack.