Don’t Be A Weed

Pope Francis on July 19, 2020, reflected on the day’s Gospel from the 13th chapter of Matthew, in particular on the parable of the farmer who sows good seeds in his field — and the enemy who sows weeds. Dear Brothers and Sisters, good day! In today’s Gospel (cf Mt 13:24-43) we once again encounter Jesus whoContinue reading “Don’t Be A Weed”

The Mother of All Parables: Matt 13:1-23

In his Angelus Address for July 12, 2020, Pope Francis related the different ways in which people hear the Word of God (the seeds) and the type of soil that it falls upon (mens hearts) to receive it. The Holy Father’s address: Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! There are many ways to receive theContinue reading “The Mother of All Parables: Matt 13:1-23”