In the Fullness of Time

God sent His Son, Born of a Woman

March 25th will come and go and few will mark its import. And yet the most pivotal event in all of human history is celebrated on this day.

On March 25 the Catholic Church celebrates that moment in time the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the only-begotten Son of God, descended from heaven to earth, taking upon Himself a human nature. That human nature, He received from His Mother, the ever Virgin Mary.

Emmanuel! God with us! God become man! The Word made flesh!

This is the day the ancients prophesied; man longed for; the Hebrew nation awaited for centuries! This is the day of our salvation!

There is no Christmas without first the Annunciation. There is no Easter without first the Annunciation. There is no salvation without first the “fiat” of the humble Virgin of Nazareth on the day of the Incarnation.

This day is, “the Fullness of Time”.

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Faithful to Christ, His Church, and His Vicar

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